Student Testimonials

Through the superb training and qualifying education I received at your school, I was able to pass the licensing exam on the first try. You have opened the door to the next chapter of my life and career. I’ve become a REALTOR®. Thank you!

Deb Galerneau

Being a new REALTOR® to the industry, I was a bit apprehensive about taking GRI with my level of experience.  I not only left the class with increased knowledge, but the interaction with the instructors and fellow students increased my confidence and motivation to succeed in this rewarding field.

Jolyn Warren

The instructors are TOP NOTCH! As someone who has worked as an instructor for decades, I was impressed with their knowledge and platform presence.

Tim Ferris

Taking online classes at the REALTOR® Academy has helped give me more confidence in myself as a REALTOR®.

Mary Huffmaster
Marco Antonio Salinas

I was very impressed by my instructor’s knowledge and experience. My questions before, during, and after class were always answered in a timely manner. I definitely recommend my fellow REALTORS® take courses with REALTOR® Academy.


Marco Antonio Salinas

If you’ve been thinking of taking courses but are on the fence, this is THE place to go. The REALTOR® Academy is constantly evolving and dropping in classes that are relevant to today’s changing market. I absolutely adore everyone there! They are amazing and extremely helpful. I can’t wait to take the next class!

Corie Dilley
Lydia Mahavier

GRI classes are definitely what you need to kick start your business if you’re a new agent, or as a refresher for established agents. I highly recommend these classes!


Lydia Mahavier

I took my first GRI class and had a great experience. I enjoyed the interaction and group activities. The class had information/resources that I can use in my real estate business. I will definitely be back to take more courses.


Stephanie Garcia

I had the best virtual experience ever when taking my GRI courses online at the REALTOR® Academy! The experience was just as if I was sitting in a classroom. I am new to real estate and I feel this course is helping me tremendously. I can’t wait for the next one!

Stephanie Rodriguez

I have taken all of my GRI classes through the REALTOR® Academy over the past two years.  Every instructor works really hard to encourage engagement and give the most up to date information.  It’s clear that the REALTOR® Academy wants to put out an incredible product because they want to produce the best trained REALTORS® in Texas.  I highly recommend any class that comes out of the REALTOR® Academy!

Aaron Collins